The Heritage Company is the premiere and most experienced professional tele-fundraiser in the nation. We are proud to have the opportunity to work with America’s most prestigious nonprofits. We have a six-decade-long track record in good and difficult fundraising times. With this kind of background, just imagine the possibilities for your organization!


Who We Are

Our management, staff and sales associates share a commitment to an honorable purpose: To affect positively the quality of life of persons and families served by our non-profit client organizations.



At the Heritage Company, we’re fluent fundraisers and we are anxious to prove it! What is Fluent Fundraising? Our outrageous service, experience, performance and quality is the key.


Who We Work For

After 60 years in the business, we have had the privilege to develop expert knowledge of fundraising for hundreds of nonprofit organizations. 


Our Memberships

The fundraising industry is multi-faceted and intricate. Through our memberships in professional fundraising forums, The Heritage Company stays abreast of cutting edge strategies to maximize donor relations and fundraising goals. The Heritage Company has continued to be a leader in this industry through its relationships with nonprofits, other fundraisers, and remaining active in memberships that bring us together. Listed below are some of our memberships where we learn from others in this ever-changing industry, and also share our knowledge with those whose passion is helping nonprofits succeed.

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