At The Heritage Company, we are fluent fundraisers and anxious to prove it! What is Fluent Fundraising? Our outrageous service, experience, performance and results are the keys to your success. We are dedicated to be your fundraising voice.


At Heritage, we understand that telemarketing is the most powerful direct response tool in fundraising. There is no other medium that allows a nonprofit to share the facts and figures—but also the heart and soul—of their mission with a donor in such a personal way. There is no replacement for the ability of an experienced agent telling your story to a donor in a meaningful way, answering their questions in real-time, and building a personal connection between them and your cause. We have hundreds of trained representatives in our six domestic centers waiting to share your message with your donors and prospective donors.

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The Heritage Company leverages modeling data and analytics to design customized telefundraising campaigns. At Heritage, it’s about knowing who to call and establishing donor rapport as the voice of your mission!

The era of Big Data means that your campaigns can benefit from robust predictive and correlative analysis in the design, performance, and review phases.

A cross-functional analytics team will be designated to plan and implement your campaign in conjunction with your current efforts. This team will provide a detailed initial analysis of your donor file based on multiple facets such as modeling, scoring, and other solutions that are tailored for your organization, as well as custom reporting covering all aspects of the campaign.

This unique data optimization system empowers our team to generate the results you need.


Heritage Technology – Secure. Encrypted. PCI Compliant. Reliable.

Heritage technology is about usefulness, speed and cyber security. We work with multiple platforms, systems and vendors while ensuring that your message and your data are current, accurate and secure.

The Heritage Company’s system is specifically tailored for our nonprofit partners, regarless of their size. We ensure that your data is correctly loaded, filed, cleaned, and maintained so that you can have your most powerful asset working on your behalf.

Our system and in-house experts and programmers help our partners turn donor data into dollars by defining clear goals and establishing benchmarks that set new standards in fundraising performance.

Mail and Letter Shop Services

Heritage uses the most state of the art graphics, printing, sorting, and delivery methods to deliver MAXIMUM POSTAL DISCOUNTS. Our massive mail volume (millions of pieces each month) allows us to take advantage of postal rules that make minimum postal rates a reality for our partners.

We provide direct mail campaigns for nonprofit organizations who are interested in boosting their fundraising campaigns. Direct mail is both the science of data and statistics as well as the art of creatively telling your story to emotionally move existing and future donors to take action to support your mission. In short, it is a plan to prepare your brand, present your story passionately, target the right people, and secure their help now and for the long term.

Quality Assurance

You want to know that the phone campaigns made for your organization are top-quality. You want to know that the people using your name are being Positive, Polite, and Passionate. You want to know that they are representing you with integrity, honesty, and skill.

At The Heritage Company, they ARE.

We believe that statement so firmly that we promise our partners access to the agents representing them 24/7/365. We have two separate teams tasked only with monitoring and critiquing presentations for quality purposes, and all levels of management are involved daily in this process.


We want you to know that we go to great lengths to ensure that the telefundraising campaigns that we conduct on behalf of nonprofit partner’s are in full compliance with all applicable state and federal regulations. While the National Do Not Call Registry does not apply to calls made by or on behalf of charities, we do maintain a “company-” or “client-” specific do not call list when an individual requests no further contact from an organization. This policy was in place at The Heritage Company long before it was required by law. There are many other regulations that our campaigns must meet (such as predictive dialer rules, Caller ID requirements, etc), with which we are in full compliance.

We offer each partner the opportunity to inspect our regulatory compliance efforts at any time, as just one more way we provide you with the Outrageous Service that you deserve.