donor/lapsed reactivation

Donor and Lapsed Reactivation Campaigns

The Heritage Company’s telefundraising campaigns capitalize on the personal aspect of describing your organization’s mission to current and prospective donors. When our representatives speak with your donors, they share with them the importance of your organization’s mission, and the needs of its constituents in a manner unmatched by other media.

Our segmentation process, program planning, and expert Analytical Team all assist our highly trained agents in conducting the most effective fundraising campaign possible for your organization. Great nonprofit fundraising campaigns require both the "heart" and the "mind", and our team delivers both.

Our expert Analytical Team uses advanced segmentation and other tools that, combined with the most experience in the industry, provide you with the most cost-effective and successful telefundraising effort possible.

major gift and mid level donor

Major Gift and Midlevel Donor Campaigns

Midlevel donors are the key to future major- and planned-gifts to your organization. That makes identifying "diamonds in the rough", in the mass of your donor file crucial to your future. But how do you put your hand into the sand and pull out a diamond?

You have to know what you’re looking for, and we have decades of that kind of experience. The metaphor of donor cultivation implies that donors are like plants that grow and thrive if you pay them enough attention, but it has to be more than that…after all, no matter how much you water that radish, it’s not going to grow into a redwood.

Heritage has the experience and expertise it takes to identify those diamonds in the rough. Through a thorough analysis of your donors’ behavior and history in combination with comprehensive integrated multichannel campaigns that establish the personal connection with the donor and your organization, Heritage can help identify potential major gifts and grow your Midlevel file which is the key to building your organization's future.


Sustainer Programs

Donors who give frequently to a charity are invaluable to them—both in short-term financial support and also becoming volunteers and planned givers. Monthly sustainer programs can be a major source of ongoing revenue for nonprofits, if they are developed and implemented the right way. Heritage has the team, the experience, and the tools it takes to add monthly sustainers to your fundraising efforts.


Other Telefundraising Services

Heritage can tailor our campaigns to fit your organization’s needs. Do you need to drive people to a special event, as so many nonprofits do? Need to raise funds for a school, college, or hospital? Our campaigns are as unique as your organization. Heritage has the knowledge and experience it takes to make these unique campaigns a success.

thank you ovm

Outbound Voice Messaging and Live Thank You Calls

According to nonprofit industry standards, 45% of all donors only make one gift to an organization and never give again. Why? Beacause no relationship has been cultivated with the donor.

Engagement of the donor is critical to building a long-term relationship.

The Heritage Company offers outbound voice messaging and live thank you calls either independently or integrated with your current efforts as a cost effective method of establishing a relationship with your new donors and reestablishing relationships with those who have not been responsive through other channels.

Engaging your donors with one or more of these additional channels has proven to boost 2nd year giving up 40%. Contact us to find out how these services may benefit your organization.


Email Campaigns

In today’s fast-paced world, some donors no longer want to wait until that pledge letter or information arrives in their mailbox. Pledge letters, information, confirmations, thank you messages, and newsletters are at the fingertips of our callers which enables them to respond to your donors' needs quickly and efficiently. We offer creative design and landing page set up as needed to ensure the messages are the right ones for your organization's mission.